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Reviews and quotes concerning Lily and compositions related to the opera:

"Is this the cost?" From Act II, Scene II was included in the album

ASK THE MOON from Navona Records

“The most poignant selection on the recording is 'Is this the cost?' from his opera Lily, sung beautifully by Katherine Keem.”

Laurence Vittes
Gramophone Magazine


"The late Katherine Uhna Keem is heard in a tantalizing excerpt from Baxter's opera Lily that allows her to unfurl the unconventional beauty of her voice."


Christopher Berg

The Journal of Singing


“'Is this the cost?' is an elegiac exemplar of Baxter’s flair for dramatic writing derived from Act II, Scene II of his opera Lily (Lisa VanAuken, librettist).”

Darren Rea
Review Graveyard: 18 January 2018



"Could you dream what I dream" for violin and piano, based upon the aria "I want to imagine"
from Act I, Scene II was included in the album Resistance from Navona Records


Baxter’s compositional vocabulary is modern in its harmonic movement and melodic/harmonic relationship, but it’s still very much romantic in its use of strong lyrical melodies. The middle section is especially romantic and builds to a wonderful call and response between the violin and piano. Baxter’s ability to keep the movement in the piano part while still creating interest and space for the melody is remarkable. With shifting harmonic progression and double stops the music takes us through another wonderful theme where the duet performs in a call and response pattern as they build the gorgeous melody. The capitulation has power, and it ties the composition together and again demonstrates Baxter’s authority with the tradition of the classical heritage and its ability to be expanded upon.


Brice Boorman

In listening to Lily, I felt privileged to hear beautiful, powerful music, with a heart-wrenching tale of love, heartbreak, and despair. What an honor and a rich and intense experience!

Katherine Keem


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