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From the Lily opera video production, 2022: 

















From previous productions: 


The Date Seller

Act I, Scene I

This song is part of the tableaux vivants that are in the opening section of scene I. It is sung by Marie-Lucette. This simple, folk-like tune is sung while she is portraying the painting The Date Seller by Edwin Longsden Long.

I will always be beholden

Act I, Scene I

Lily (sung to her main love interest Seldon) declares her dependence on others to maintain her social standing.

I want to imagine

Act I, Scene II

This song is sung by Seldon, the male lead. He and Lily have planned to meet in the garden of an estate where they are staying as guests. When he arrives Lily is feigning sleep. Seldon sings this to her before he wakes her.

I have said I love you/I dare not dream

Act I, Scene II

This ultra-romantic excerpt from Lily begins with the aria, I have said I love you, sung by the male lead, Seldon, in which he declares his love for Lily and hopes for her love. This is followed by the duet I dare not dream, in which Lily and Seldon, indeed, express their love for one another.

Long ago

Act I, Scene III

This aria comes near the end of the first act. Lily has just realized that her life seems to be spiraling downhill. She reflects that life was so much easier before. Every thing was falling in place. Now she is in danger of losing everything.

How can these hands

Act II, Scene I

This aria is sung by Lily after she finds herself forced to work in a hat shop and discovers that she doesn't have the skills to do the work.

How Strange to Think

Act II, Scene II

This aria is sung near the beginning of the final scene of the opera. Lily is preparing for the party to announce her engagement to Gus. Marriage to Gus will put her back into a comfortable social and economic situation. There is an attendant with her who is helping her with her hair and clothes. Lily sings this song while reflecting upon her situation and that of the young woman helping her.

And tonight I have blessed news

Act II, Scene II

This aria is sung by Gus at the beginning of the party that he and Lily are hosting where they will announce their wedding plans. Although Gus has shown himself to be the villainous character in the opera he shows his softer side in this romantic aria.

I will forever love you

Act II, Scene II

The bitter but extremely romantic aria is sung by Seldon to Lily upon learning that she is engaged to Gus whom she does not love.

Is this the cost?

Act II, Scene II

This is the tragic final aria of the opera. Lily sings it after hearing of the death of Seldon, her lover.

Soprano Katie Procell sings "Is this the cost?" in Act II, Scene II of "Lily."

Tenor Han Jeong Wook sings "I shall forever love you" in Act II, Scene II of "Lily."

Soprano Katie Procell sings "I will always be beholden" in Act I, Scene I of "Lily."

me and lisa  june 2008.jpg
Librettist Lisa VanAuken and Composer Garth Baxter, 2008

1. "Katherine Keem Sings Songs and Arias by Garth Baxter" released by Centaur Records

Includes the following arias performed by soprano Katherine Keem, pianist Andrew Stewart and tenor Peter Drackley:

  • I will always be beholden

  • I have said I love you/I dare not dream

  • Long Ago

  • How can these hands

  • How strange to think


2. ASK THE MOON, released by Navona Records (PARMA)

Includes the aria "Is this the cost?"  performed by soprano Katherine Keem and pianist Andrew Stewart.

3. Arias from Lily released by Garth Baxter 


Includes all of the arias from Lily (The Date Seller is not on this recording)

  • I will always be beholden (soprano Paula FitzGerald, pianist Angela Garvey)

  • I want to imagine (tenor Peter Drackley, pianist Andrew Stewart)

  • I have said I love you/I dare not dream (Peter Drackley, soprano Katherine Keem and pianist Andrew Stewart)

  • Long Ago (Katherine Keem and Andrew Stewart)

  • How can these hands? (Katherine Keem and Andrew Stewart)

  • How Strange to think (Katherine Keem  and Andrew Stewart)

  • Today I have blessed news (baritone Jason Buckwalter with pianist Andrew Stewart)

  • I shall forever love you  (Peter Drackley and Andrew Stewart)

  • Is this the cost? (Katherine Keem and Andrew Stewart)


4. Resistance, released by Navona Records (PARMA)


  • Could you dream what I dream for violin and piano (based on the aria I want to imagine-performed by violinist Nicholas Currie and pianist Diana Greene)

  • Romance without words for solo piano (based upon themes from Act I , scene 2. Performed by pianist Andrew Stewart)

  • Il y a longtemps for violin and piano (based upon the aria Long Ago, performed by violinist Nicholas Currie and pianist Diana Greene)

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